“Remember the solidarity shown to Palestine here and everywhere… and remember also that there is a cause to which many people have committed themselves, difficulties and terrible obstacles notwithstanding. Why? Because it is a just cause, a noble ideal, a moral quest for equality and human rights.”

    -Prof. Edward W. Said (1935-2003)


Peace to Edward Said By Rawan Abdul-Nabi

30 September 2003 Sydney, Australia By Rawan Abdul-Nabi The struggle of Edward Said continues As a young Palestinian growing up in the West, I was always confronted with my identity from those who wanted to cease my existence, to those who didn’t know it existed. I picked up “The Politics of Dispossession” after a friend… read more »

Thoughts on Late Style

by Edward Said Both in art and in our general ideas about the passage of human life there is assumed to be a general abiding timeliness. We assume that the essential health of a human life has a great deal to do with its correspondence to its time – the fitting together of the two… read more »

In memory of a Great Public Intellectual by Hala Abuateya

Dr Hala Abuateya, Leicester University, UK Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Thank you very much for coming tonight and for donating your precious evening to celebrate the outstanding life of late Professor Edward Said. Professor Said is a Palestinian/American world-leading public intellectual. He was born in Palestine in 1935 and died in the United States… read more »

“To Sir with Love” by Aida Qasim

A personal tribute to Dr. Edward Said How do you bid farewell to a phenomenon? Befuddled by the reaction of the “adults” to the news of Edward Said’s death and the sorrow that ensued; my Five-year-old son Faris asked,” Mamma why are you crying”? “Because I feel sad,” I responded. “Why are you sad?” He… read more »

For Edward Said by Mojahid Mark David

Oh, Palestine how you weep for your native son. He left you before your trees could bear fruit, the olive groves slowly dying from their unpicked harvest. He waited and waited to grow old with you so that someday he could sit atop your shepherd fields with his friends and neighbors busily gathering their magnificent… read more »

Remembrance for Memory by Stathis Gourgouris

Athens, September 30, 2003 In these times, when pettiness and small-mindedness reign, when the basic principles of human civilization are shamelessly torn, the death of a great one, an irreplaceable one, makes you grieve not just for him but for the world itself. With Edward Said’s death, our already impoverished world is now even poorer…. read more »

Naseer H. Aruri

UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS DARTMOUTH NORTH DARTMOUTH NASEER H. ARURI CHANCELLOR PROFESSOR EMERITUS POLITICAL SCIENCE 31 August 1999 Editor The Boston Globe Boston, MA Dear Madam/Sir: In his scurrilous attack against Professor Edward Said (“Professor Said’s Untrue Story,” op-ed, August 30), Jeff Jacoby joins a chorus of right-wing Likudists bent not only on smearing Professor Said,… read more »

On the Attacks on Edward Said by Francis Boyle

Justus Weiner is a Fanatical Racist by Francis Boyle 26 Aug 1999 Dear Colleagues, I will not dignify reading what Justus Weiner has said about my friend Edward Said, as reported in today’s New York Times. I remember the first time I met Weiner back in 1982 while Israel was invading Lebanon and I was… read more »

How Do You Spell Apartheid? O-s-l-o

Yasser Arafat’s intention to declare a Palestinian state next May could spell disaster, dividing the Palestinian people and crippling their cause forever. In other words, just what the architects of Oslo had in mind.